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  • Anglais This Night's Foul Work

    Fred Vargas

    Crime & mysteryAnother riveting case for the engaging contemporary detective, Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg. On the outskirts of Paris, two men have been found with their throats cut. It is assumed that this is a drug-related incident of the kind so often uncovered in that area of town. But Adamsberg is convinced there is more to it than that. He's not wrong...

  • Crime & mysteryCommissaire Adamsberg is in Quebec on a training mission, when he is accused of having savagely murdered a young woman. The murder fits a pattern of killings that has happened in the past; Adamsberg must go on the run from the Canadian police and track down the terrifying killer himself. 'Fred Vargas has a wonderfully offbeat imagination that makes each of her novels a refreshing delight' Guardian