Livres en VO

  • The book of citrus fruits

    Iris Lauterbach

    Les citrons, les limons et les espèces amères flottent comme des corps célestes au-dessus de villas italiennes, de jardins à Nuremberg et de paysages pittoresques dans l'ode aux agrumes de J. C. Volkamer. Reproduisant une rare série de gravures sur cuivre mises en couleur à la main, cette édition montre 170 variétés d'agrumes. Pleine de parfums et de couleurs, elle fait revivre un temps où ces fruits étaient vraiment exotique.

  • Anglais The sea, the sea

    Iris Murdoch

    When Charles Arrowby, over sixty, a demi god of the theatre - director, playwright and actor - retires from his glittering London world in order to 'abjure magic and become a hermit', it is to the sea that he turns. He hopes at least to escape from 'the woman' - but unexpectedly meets one whom he loved long ago.

  • Slick or soft? No thanks. This interior design book is as hard as a rock and as tough as they come. Solid houses with a polished look, but also with a generous dose of poetry and patina. Imagine: brute materials, such as bare bricks, rusty metal, weathered plasterwork, discarded materials and concrete. The imperfect and aesthetic interior designs radiate a warm atmosphere. Also get acquainted with the trendsetters in this book, each of them an artisan with a passion for metal, wood or ceramics. Lifestyle journalist Iris De Feijter and design blogger Irene Schampaert guide you through the book wearing a 'safety helmet'; these are not interior designs or artisans to be dealt with unprotected.

  • A colorless interior? No thank you! Give your house - and your life - a little color and forget the whitewash.

    Color gives personality, warmth and atmosphere to your home. The twenty international interiors sampled in this book are living proof that color is king.

    Five portraits of renowned taste-makers - or rather, color-makers - offer all gradations of inspiration: from quiet pastels and new neutrals to striking color blocking and total looks in deep, dark shades. In short, graphic designer and design blogger Irene Schampaert and lifestyle journalist Iris De Feijter live it up in Who's afraid of pink, orange & green?

    The ultimate color guide for your home. Because, color is the new black.

  • Anglais Severed Head

    Iris Murdoch

    Modern fictionNow reissued as a Vintage Classic, with an introduction by Miranda Seymour.

  • Anglais HUNTING EVE

    Iris Johansen

    A second installment in a new Eve Duncan story arc trilogy finds the stakes raised higher as the forensic sculptor battles her captor and discovers brutally dangerous truths about why she has been targeted. By the best-selling author of What Doesn't Kill You . Reprint.

  • Anglais ITALIAN GIRL

    Iris Murdoch

    Edmund has escaped from his family into a lonely life. Returning for his mother's funeral he finds himself involved in the same awful problems, together with some new ones. He also rediscovers the eternal family servant, the ever-changing "Italian girl".

  • "Almost every diamond passes through Antwerp at least once. For centuries the city on the Scheldt has been a trading centre for rough and cut diamonds. DIVA, Antwerp's new diamond museum, gladly lifts the veil on this fascinating world full of luxury, exhibiting surprising craftsmanship and authentic objects.

    Discover intriguing stories, take a look inside the workshops of contemporary Antwerp jewelers, or learn how best to wear jewellery according to the rules of etiquette. Have you always wanted to know how to set the perfect table or how to tell the difference between real and fake diamonds? Now is your chance to find out."

  • Modern fictionFirst published in 1970.

  • Anglais Word Child

    Iris Murdoch

    Modern fiction

  • Anglais Stalemate

    Iris Johansen

    While working on determining the identity of a murdered child, forensic sculptor Eve Duncan is given a reconstruction assignment by a ruthless and sinister man who is willing to ensure her cooperation by any means necessary.

  • Anglais COUNTDOWN

    Iris Johansen

    When it reaches zero, you die.#1 New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen sets her readers’ pulses racing once again in this relentless psychological thriller of a young woman caught in a maze of secrets and stalked by a merciless killer. The countdown begins the moment you open this riveting novel that only grows more electrifying as the pages turn, more exciting as time runs out. . . .“Don’t kill her. She’s no good to us dead.” These words haunt Jane MacGuire after a shocking attack shatters her world in an instant. Was it a random kidnapping attempt–or the countdown to something far more sinister?Who is after her–and what do they want so badly they’ll kill anyone in their way? That’s what Jane is determined to find out, without the help of the police, the FBI, or her adoptive parents, forensic sculptor Eve Duncan and her husband, Joe Quinn, of the Atlanta PD–because whoever is after her won’t hesitate to hurt those she loves the most. Now Jane will go on the run with the only man who may be more dangerous than those who are pursuing her. A smuggler, a con man, and who knew what else, Mark Trevor had his own mysterious reasons for wanting to keep Jane safe and out of the hands of a killer obsessed with a twothousandyearold mystery that could rock the modernday world. Orphaned at an early age, Jane grew up the hard way, but she was given a new life, a loving famly, and a chance to pursue her interest in one of the greatest archaeological finds ever unearthed. Now someone was trying to destroy that new life before it could even get started. The past is returning with the kind of vengeance that knows no mercy. The countdown has already begun, and it’s approaching zero faster than anyone thinks.From the Hardcover edition.

  • Anglais On the Run

    Iris Johansen

    The photograph was a warning.
    He'd found them again.
    Now she has no choice but to go...

    Grace Archer hoped this day would never come. She'd taken her little daughter, Frankie, and started a new life at a remote Alabama horse farm. But the man stalking them would follow them to the ends of the earth. Now, in a single night, their safe world has been shattered and a ferocious hunter has been unleashed. Her one ally is the only man more dangerous then her worst enemy. Grace hasn't seen Jake Kilmer since the nightmare began eight years ago. Now he's asking Grace to trust him again. And she will, even though Jake may have betrayed her once before. For time is running out and Grace has one chance in a million to save her daughter -- one last chance to run for their lives.

  • Hoping for a more peaceful time after learning the tragic truth about her child's disappearance years earlier, forensic sculptor Eve Duncan is entreated by desperate father Jim Doane to learn the truth about his missing son.

  • Anglais Quinn

    Iris Johansen

    A follow-up to Eve finds Navy SEAL-turned-cop Joe Quinn at the mercy of Eve Duncan's former lover, John Gallo, who plays a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with CIA agent Catherine Ling, in an installment that recounts the story of how Joe and Eve met and fell in love 10 years earlier. Reprint.

  • When her mentor, Hu Chang, tasks her with rescuing an imprisoned journalist in Tibet, shadowy CIA Operative Catherine Ling is pitted against a man so vile that she wonders if she is being used as a pawn in a game of revenge that is not hers to play. Reprint.

  • Trading information on the streets to survive after being abandoned at the age of 4, Catherine Ling is instructed by assassin and master poisoner Hu Chang before being recruited by the CIA and pitted against a rogue operative in a race to obtain a brutally deadly poison. By the best-selling author of Bonnie . Reprint. 1 million first printing.

  • Building a successful practice on her ability to empathize with her patients, physician Megan Blair is haunted by the mysterious loss in childhood of her mother, from whom she inherited psychic powers that others would exploit for murderous purposes.

  • Anglais Quicksand

    Iris Johnansen

    Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan enlists the aid of Dr. Megan Blair to help bring Eve's daughter Bonnie's killer to justice, embarking on a quest that will either bring her closure and revenge or destroy everything she cares about.