Luc Hoornaert

  • Une sélection sans concession de restaurants new-yorkais, où un « Must eat » est chaque fois proposé. Plus de 100 adresses recommandées par le foody Luc Hoornaert.

  • A perfect guide for those who want to become familiar with established values, new addresses and upcoming greatness.
    More than 100 tips from the 'restaurant whisperer' Luc Hoornaert.
    With beautiful characteristic photos by top photographer Kris Vlegels.
    New title in the very successful Must Eat series.

    As a genuine foodie, listomaniac Luc Hoornaert knows the culinary side of the City of Lights like the back of his hand. Together with photographer Kris Vlegels, he presents the greatest spots for tasting the best of the French and international kitchens that Paris has to offer. The locations continue to amaze. In spite of being multi-faceted, all the spots have several things in common: authenticity, devotion, genuine top ingredients and a no-nonsense approach.

  • Amsterdam is more than just the Jordaan, the ring of canals and the red light district. Did you know that the capital city of the Netherlands has the largest number of different nationalities in the world? This melting pot is also reflected in its culinary arena, turning Amsterdam into a number one destination for foodies. Professional foodie and listomaniac Luc Hoornaert shows you his favourite spots for tasting the world in this cosmopolitan city.
    Places that individually excel in what they offer, whether it's veal croquettes, ice cream or hot dogs. Places with a story and with people who are totally devoted to bringing out the best in their superb ingredients in order to enhance the essence of every dish. Places that even amaze culinary superstars. In short, an unconventional selection of in some cases bizarre, but always special and authentic restaurants and eateries where the focus is on the speciality of the house, the 'Must Eat'.

  • Chicken is one of the most popular ingredients in kitchens all over the world. You can find it in all cultures; it is extremely versatile and yet affordable. Luc Hoornaert and Kris Vlegels take you on a trip around the world in 60 chicken dishes: how do top chefs prepare chicken, what are the classic chicken dishes and which methods of preparation have a permanent place in world cuisine? From vol-au-vent and chicken soup to roast chicken and tandoori chicken, this book is a attractively designed reference work about chicken, with delicious photography by Kris Vlegels and a foreword by chicken artist Koen Vanmechelen.

  • Anglais Egg on the menu


    • Lannoo
    • 25 Avril 2017

    Chicken came first, so now here is Egg. Universal and versatile, tasty and nutritious: eggs are indispensable in a whole range of recipes and they are found in all cultures. Author Luc Hoornaert went exploring and collected sixty irresistible egg dishes from all corners of the world: from China, Korea and Japan, through Turkey and Iran to the United Kingdom. He turned to some well-known Belgian and Dutch top chefs for the classic dishes, and cocktails have also been given a well-earned place in Egg. Food photographer Kris Vlegels provided the powerful photos in this beautifully illustrated, timeless cookery book.