• En rupture aussi bien avec la tradition figurative qu'avec les recherches contemporaines qui donnaient priorité au jeu des signes sur le questionnement de la condition humaine, Alberto Giacometti a élaboré un art qui atteste, avec gravité et une intensité sans égale, de la présence des autres êtres, là devant lui pour leur moment d'existence. Yves Bonnefoy, qui a connu Giacometti et lui a consacré naguère une étude extrêmement détaillée, dégage ici, à grands traits, ce que furent et cet esprit et son oeuvre.

  • Mykonos muse

    Manola Lizy

    Located in the Cyclades and surrounded by the blue-green water of the Aegean sits whitewashed, windmill-strewn Mykonos, the island of the winds. This ancient island and those surrounding it, mythologized as the bodies of gods felled by Hercules in the time of antiquity, are older than legend and have played host to countless cultures for more than millennia. At forty-square-miles and boasting a population of only ten-thousand, the 'Ibiza of Greece' has become prized for gorgeous architecture, welcoming and open-minded locals, and fantastic beaches. With such names as 'Paradise' and 'Super Paradise,' the sands of these shores have captured the imaginations and hearts of industry titans, artists, and party-goers alike from all around the globe, marking it as a stable cosmopolitan destination and as a paramount it haven on the jet-set circuit.This book chronicles the culture and society that has defined Mykonos over the past century-from its days as a hideout for such luminaries and elites as Le Corbusier and Antonis Benakis, to its moment as a sanctuary for the gay community,to its predominant party scene-all the while indulging the reader with the ruins and myths hidden there.

  • Amalfi coast

    Souza Carlos

    La côte amalfitaine est le summum du rêve italien. Niché parmi les fleurs de citron et les bougainvilliers se trouve une ligne de treize villes qui composent la côte amalfitaine. Connus pour leur paysage vertical, les villages ne sont accessibles que par la Strada Statale 163 - une route étroite et sinueuse à flanc de falaise qui, bien que troublante à traverser, offre des vues incomparables. Cette bande magique rejoint les montagnes et la mer Méditerranée en contrebas et des esthètes du monde entier y affluent année après année pour profiter de ses plages de galets pittoresques, de ses randonnées pittoresques, de son climat parfait et de ses établissements légendaires, qui ne se limitent pas aux hôtels et restaurants à étages. Les monuments de la cathédrale d'Amalfi à la Villa Rufolo à Ravello, tous évoquent la culture et l'esprit des siècles passés, et les monuments appréciés par des goûts de Jacqueline Kennedy, John Steinbeck et Gore Vidal abondent. Avec son limoncello signature, à la fois cultivé et apprécié localement, les plus belles villas et des vues à couper le souffle, la côte amalfitaine est dans une classe à part.

  • Ibiza bohemia

    Kashyap Renu

    From roaring nightlife to peaceful yoga retreats, Ibiza's hippie-chic atmosphere is its hallmark. This quintessential Mediterranean hot spot has served as an escape for artists, creatives, and musicians alike for decades. It is a place to reinvent oneself, to walk the fine line between civilization and wilderness, and to discover bliss. Ibiza Bohemia explores the island's scenic Balearic cliffs, its legendary cast of characters, and the archetypal interiors that define its signature style.

  • Capri dolce vita

    Cunnacia Cesare

    Capri, a resort island dating back to the height of the Roman Empire, has long been an extraordinary destination full of ancient charm. Cherished by everyone from physician Axel Munthe, who recommended its clean air to his patients as a cure for bronchitis; to film director Jean-Luc Godard as the setting for his 1963 film Contempt; to literary icons, celebrities, poets, and the jet set, Capri boasts a rich Mediterranean spirit and style that encompasses a wealth of beauty, from gardens to villas to caves to the people walking in the lively Piazzetta, where cars are prohibited and the island's playful attitude runs rampant. Capri Dolce Vita is a look at this fabled corner of the world through the ages and a celebration of paradise on earth.

  • Anglais Marrakech flair

    Marisa Berenson

    It has been said that Marrakech awakens all of the senses. Whether it is seeing the intricate zellige tilework ; smelling the various spices sold at the souks ; hearing the call to prayer emanate from the nearby mosques ; touching the supple leather used to make a pair of babouches (leather sandals) ; tasting a flavorful tagine, Marrakech never fails to excite. Located just west of the Atlas Mountains, the city has been inhabited by Berber farmers for centuries.
    It has been dubbed the "Ochre City" because of the proliferation of red sandstone buildings and the red city walls, which now enclose the Medina, home to Jemaa el-Fnaa, one of the busiest squares in Africa. Marrakech overflows with culture and has been inspiring visitors for decades. From Yves Saint Laurent to Talitha Getty, Winston Churchill to Mick Jagger, Marrakech has attracted great icons inspired by its eternal spirit as well as its sweet, beautiful life.
    Yves Saint Laurent's intimate relationship to this city lead to the opening of a museum dedicated to his legendary work. The annual Marrakech International Film Festival draws a prominent crowd. Museums abound, exhibiting Moroccan arts, photography, carpets, and the Andalusian design aesthetic that permeates the city's architecture. La Mamounia hotel, opened in 1923, offers a storied history, which includes hosting guests such as Winston Churchill.
    Vanessa Branson's El Fenn is a collection of traditional riads that form a stunning boutique hotel. There are countless ways to be immersed in the culture of Marrakech, but perhaps the best place to start is with a simple glass of mint tea.

  • Anglais Tuscany marvel

    Cesare Cunaccia

    The Italian region of Tuscany is a feast for all senses. A creative incubator that has cultivated art and architecture for eras including Etruscan, Roman, Renaissance and modern times. Timeworn churches, once stops on nineteenth-century Grand Tours, stand tall in the towns' piazzas. Rolling hills of wheat and colorful olive groves, that inspire authentic Tuscan cuisine, are dotted with villas built by the prestigious Medici family. The Tyrrhenian Sea extends off its coast, lapping the shore of Elba, the island where the emperor Napoleon was exiled. Quaint villages, historic towns and bustling cities are scattered across its landscape, which is almost as varied as the communities themselves. From annual horse races at Piazza del Campo, and the centuries-old winemaking traditions of the Chianti region to the city of Pisa, an ancient Maritime Republic known for the youthful spirit of its Scuola Normale Superiore and Leaning Tower alike, Tuscany is the place of dreams, where thousands come to relive its history and take in the beauty of a region.

  • Palm beach

    Lauder Aerin

  • Provence glory

    François Simon

    From cities to quaint towns and everything in between, Provence has something for everyone. Swim in the crystal clear waters of the Calanque de Sormiou in Marseille. Drive with the top down through fields of lavender in Valensole. Experience a bite of just-out-of-the-oven fougasse, a Provençal classic. Stand in awe of the beautiful, white Camargue horses native to the area. Located in the South of France, Provence is uniquely positioned to be a cultural blend of the Mediterranean. Roman landmarks still prevail from the 1st century AD alongside châteaus from medieval times-a varied legacy brightened by the indigenous mimosas and cypresses.Perhaps since the region is well-known for its ability to inspire, it's home to a plethora of festivals such as Rencontre d'Arles, Festival d'Avignon, Festival d'Aix-en-Provence and more, all celebrating the arts. Artists who have praised the unique Provençal light include Cézanne, Van Gogh, Matisse and Picasso. Alexandre Dumas and Jean Giono are among the writers who were drawn to write in the shade of the plane trees.

  • Anglais Aspen style

    Aerin Lauder

    What began as a small mining camp during the Colorado Silver Boom of the late nineteenth century has since become the preferred getaway of the world's elite. Treasured for what's above ground rather than below, Aspen, Colorado has a storied history almost as dense as the directory of A-listers who have adopted the jewel of Pitkin County as their second home, or who have settled in its slopes indefinitely. From the «fortified compound» that was Hunter S. Thompson's Owl Farm, to John Denver's «Starwood in Aspen,» to the scores of financial titans who also call the mountain home, Aspen has long drawn an eclectic and wide-ranging crowd. With an introduction from longtime resident Aerin Lauder, founder & creative director of AERIN, Aspen Style celebrates and pays homage to the stark glamour, the working-class history, and the romance of the virtually untouched landscape that gives the town the unique charisma that continues to draw new devotees with each season. Exploring the rustic-chic atmosphere of the Hotel Jerome, the architectural excellence of Herbert Bayer's restored Wheeler Opera House, and local culture found at Schlomo's Deli & Grill, to name a few, this deluxe volume is brought to life with stunning current and historical imagery capturing the prodigious evolution of this mountain town over the last century.

  • Turquoise coast

    Koc Nevbahar

  • Comporta bliss

    Souza Carlos

  • St. tropez soleil

    Simon Liberati

    St. Tropez Soleil guide le lecteur à travers son passé et son présent en constante évolution. Avec des piliers annuels tels que Les Bravades et Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez ainsi que des événements exclusifs comme un défilé de mode Chanel au café Tropézian Sénéquier par excellence et la White Party à Nikki Beach commencée par Naomi Campbell. Mais malgré tous ces changements, l'esprit de Saint-Tropez reste le même et ce volume est une ode à la joie de vivre unique qui fait revenir tout le monde.

  • Anglais Miami beach

    Horacio Silva

    Well-known for its nightlife, pleasure is a focal point of Miami life at all times. Yachts and recreational boats line its marinas, lively beaches offer front row seats to a parade of bronzed revelers, and bladers and bikers coast along its beach front promenades. Miami has become the hub for everything chic, fiery and colorful. Miami Beach takes the readers on a tour of this bold and wonderous metropolis.

  • Pierre Cardin

    Jean-Pascal Hesse

    Pour Pierre Cardin, citoyen de l'univers, le présent est en réalité un futur visionnaire et le cercle en est la métaphore absolue. L'histoire se souviendra de Pierre Cardin et ses créations futuristes (des robes en forme de structures organiques, des meubles mêlant sculpture et de architecture), lequel semble venir tout droit d'un atelier de l'ère spatiale. La mode, les accessoires, les bijoux et les parfums, les produits pour la maison, les restaurants, un théâtre et des festivals d'art..., l'univers créatif de Pierre Cardin est très varié et très ambitieux car l'homme lui-même est plus grand que la vie.

    Premier couturier à avoir transformer son nom en marque internationale, Pierre Cardin est unique dans son mode de création et d'auto-promotion. Son elixir de jouvence (le travail rigoureux) l'alimente sans cesse. Reconnu pour sa prodigieuse inventivité, il demeure aujourd'hui une sorte d'électron libre, faisant rayonner son nom sur toute la surface de la Terre.

  • Hamptons private

    Rattiner Dan

    Hamptons Private invites readers to peek behind the manicured hedges in Amagansett, charter a yacht off the shore of the Springs, experience the surfer's haven that is Ditch Plains and attend a polo match in Bridgehampton. Each page envisions the quintessential leisure of The Hamptons and showcases the unique quality of light that artist Willem de Kooning dubbed a miracle. One can almost hear the thwock of tennis balls at The Meadow Club, the whisperings of exclusive parties, the rhythms of seaside music at The Surf Lodge-even the first bite of a lobster roll at Lunch. The Hamptons, at once a retreat to nature and a hot spot for A-listers, exudes a boho-chic spirit reflected in its beautiful people and sublime surroundings.

  • Anglais Havana blues

    Pamela Ruiz

    Welcome to Havana, home to an overwhelming energy. Situated along the Straits of Florida, the capital of Cuba has been through several identities : Spanish colonial settlement, mobster rule in the 1930s, glamour of the 1950s, Cuban revolution. Now, the city is in the process of restoring its diverse history and experiencing a cultural renaissance. Havana is bold, experimental and provocative in its approach to art, cuisine and entertainment, while maintaining its authenticity.
    Havana is a testament to a neverending determination to improve and progress, which contributes to its continuing allure.

  • Vatican

    Dominique Chivot

    Si le Vatican témoigne de 2000 ans d'histoire, c'est aussi un concentré exceptionnel du patrimoine culturel mondial. Palais, musées, bibliothèques et archives révèlent les chefs-d'oeuvre et les secrets d'hommes forgés par la foi. Ce livre ouvre les portes de cette étonnante et mystérieuse cité, nous guidant à travers ses rites, ses traditions et ses trésors. Au fil des pages, une fresque étrange et fabuleuse prend vie, où se mêlent papes, oeuvres intemporelles, faits historiques, cérémonies d'aujourd'hui et cour d'hier... sans oublier la vie quotidienne.