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  • Petits musées, ateliers d'artistes à visiter, secrets d'histoire, ruelles au calme, hôtels particuliers à admirer, ce guide illustré d'aquarelles propose de quitter les sentiers battus pour partir à la découverte d'un Paris inattendu et donne toutes les connaissances pour en apprécier la saveur.

  • "A fresh and authoritative addition to the Bordeaux library." Eric Asimov, The New York Times "This new edition is the ultimate guide to perhaps the greatest wine area in the world. Whether you use the book in your local wine store or tote it on a journey to Bordeaux itself, this book is definitive. And magnificent." Huffington Post The wines of Bordeaux are universally recognized as being among the finest in the world and in this fully revised and updated edition of his classic text, renowned wine expert Stephen Brook provides an unrivalled survey of the region and its wines. The Complete Bordeaux offers detailed information on the many communes and appellations of Bordeaux as well as descriptions and assessments of all its major properties. As well as incisive portraits of the leading properties and their produce, Stephen Brook provides a detailed look at Bordeaux's lesser-known areas and chateaux. There is also an invaluable vintage guide to the last four decades. Bordeaux encapsulates an incredible 13,000 wineries throughout 54 appellations and this book includes a thorough explanation of Bordeaux's history, terroir, and winemaking styles.

  • A must-have for every fan of literature, Booked inspires readers to follow in their favorite characters footsteps by visiting the real-life locations portrayed in beloved novels including the Monroeville, Alabama courthouse in To Kill a Mockingbird , Chatsworth House, the inspiration for Pemberley in Pride and Prejudice , and the Kyoto Bridge from Memoirs of a Geisha . The full-color photographs throughout reveal the settings readers have imagined again and again in their favorite books. Organized by regions all around the world, author Richard Kreitner explains the importance of each literary landmark including the connection to the author and novel, cultural significance, historical information, and little-known facts about the location. He also includes travel advice like addresses and must-see spots. Booked features special sections on cities that inspired countless literary works like a round of locations in Brooklyn from Betty Smith's iconic A Tree Grows in Brooklyn to Jonathan Lethem's Motherless Brooklyn and a look at the New Orleans of Tennessee Williams and Anne Rice.

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    These pages hold wonders the world's largest and most dynamic cities, such as New York, Tokyo and Mumbai. There are also many cities on an entirely different scale altogether: St David's in Wales (with a population so small it's more of a village than a city), Bulgaria's 'Pearl of the Black Sea' or Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay's oldest city. Alongside the informed and colourful descriptions 501 Must-Visit Cities reveals vital information on when to visit each city, what highlights are not to be missed, helping ensure you experience the city and its culture to its full potential.