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  • Finding a major city's ultimate cocktail bar is often quite the challenge. This book takes you on a trip around the world from Hong Kong to New York and Berlin. It shows locations that set themselves apart with their gorgeous design, stunning views, exclusivity or signature cocktail. In short, must-visit bars for any enthusiast.

    Can't wait? Not to worry. The author has added some of the best cocktail recipes for classics, such as Gin Fizz, Negroni or a Manhattan, as well as the best sours and long drinks. Discover the history of each bar, learn how to select your own cocktail menu, let the unique, refined atmosphere of every location carry you away or stay home and drink your exquisite self-made drink.

  • Anglais Notebook Paris

    Fabrice Moireau

    Un petit carnet de note avec des illustration du Paris de Fabrice Moireau.

  • Capri en mer

    Patrick Howlett-Martin

    • Skira
    • 15 Juin 2009

    L'auteur, passionné de cette île où il va chaque année depuis 1994, raconte l'histoire de Capri, et la présente à travers des photographies, des reproductions d'oeuvres d'art et des curiosités.

  • Anglais The Lazy Frenchie in New York

    Aurélie Hagen

    • Lannoo
    • 14 Septembre 2018

    The Lazy Frenchie in New York is a must have for Instagram addicts that love New York. It is a colorful, photocentric guidebook that uses popular hashtags as captions: #AvocadoToast, #CoffeeBreak, #VintageMarket, #DateNight, #StreetArtIsEverywhere, #IHaveThisThingWithFloors, etc. It will cater to tourists and locals alike.

  • 300 adresses pour (re)découvrir Los Angeles !
    Guide photos qui utilise les hashtags hype : #BrunchSpot, #CoffeeBreak, #VintageMarket, #DrinkWithAView, #DreamBeach, etc.
    Que vous soyez touriste ou résident, si, vous aussi, vous aimez les cafés et restos cool, les endroits funky, le street art original, les espaces verts romantiques et les magasins vintage, ce guide est fait pour vous !

  • This Guide to Rubens in Antwerp takes you to all the different places in the city where the work of Peter Paul Rubens can be seen. You can visit his house and workshop, where he created his great masterpieces. You can walk past the homes of his friends Balthasar Moretus and Nicolaas Rockox. You can admire his paintings in the historic churches for which they were made.

    Learn about Rubens the man and the fascinating world of the Baroque.
    Walk an easy-to-follow route to discover all the Rubens sites of interest in Antwerp.
    Relive the pleasure of your visit thanks to the book's many coloured photographs.

  • On what island would you not mind getting stranded on like Robinson Crusoe? Let the daydreaming begin with Wish I Was Here.

    The best international photographers will show you the most beautiful hotspots to surf, dive or enjoy life... More than 200 pages with breath-taking beaches and spectacular photos under, on, near or at the water. A thousand and one reasons to stop doubting whether or not to go on that big trip, but instead leave right now.

    A must-have for every adventurous globetrotter with a passion for the sea and water.

  • Anglais Inside Marrakesh

    Loum-Martin Meryanne

    • Rizzoli
    • 11 Septembre 2020

    This exquisite book showcases the stunning properties of the world's leading design connoisseurs, including Jasper Conran, Lynn Guinness, Vanessa Branson, and Helen and Brice Marden, who have transformed Marrakesh's exotic style into unexpected but elegant expressions. The story of design in Marrakesh begins with the contributions of Bill Willis, Yves Saint Laurent, and Pierre Bergé, who fearlessly fused Moroccan elements--zellige tilework, rugs, pottery, fountains, woodwork, metalwork, and tadelakt wall treatments--with a luxuriant mix of furnishings from around the world. We are invited into such lush private places as the gardens of the Villa Oasis, designed by Madison Cox, and the Bulgaris' tranquil riad. Full of personal insights, Loum-Martin explores how international design-savvy individuals continue to incorporate such exuberant designs in their work.
    Today's Marrakesh style appeals to a wide variety of tastes--from formal to quirky, from rustic to refined--and is suitable for diverse settings. Eco-friendly materials, including earthenware and natural fibers, contribute to these appealing interiors and gardens. Superbly photographed, Inside Marrakesh abounds with a wealth of unique design ideas.

  • Au xxe siècle montréal devient une vitrine internationale de l'architecture moderne.
    Une intense activité constructive doublée d'une pratique d'art public dynamique transforme radicalement l'image de la ville. ce guide bilingue, français-anglais, permet de découvrir au fil de promenades commentées par des spécialistes les ensembles architecturaux majeurs tout autant que des réalisations moins connues des années 1930 aux années 1980. lieu de rencontre d'architectes étrangers et locaux de renommée mondiale tels mies van der rohe auquel une promenade entière est consacrée, ou encore pei, moretti et d'astous, le montréal du milieu du siècle dernier est un véritable laboratoire d'innovation esthétique, structurelle et urbaine.
    Ce guide vous offre les clés d'accès à ce patrimoine. enfin, à proximité un architecte belge, antoine courtens, a construit pour un commanditaire belge le baron empain, un centre de villégiature, fleuron des années 1930. la visite du domaine de l'estérel clôture de manière bucolique ces promenades architecturales.

  • At the end of the nineteenth century, Brussels architects reacted against academicism with a new movement, called Art Nouveau. Victor Horta's style was more organic, while Paul Hankar preferred more geometric designs. Together they developed a style of architecture, that would soon become internationally famous.

    In just 15 years, from 1893 onwards, hundreds of Art Nouveau buildings popped up across Brussels. Initially, the great innovators took the lead, but soon their assistants and other imitators, who were also inspired, in the early nineteenth century, by the Viennese Secession and other trends in European Art Nouveau followed suit.

    Initially, this style perfectly corresponds with the ambitious of the industrial upper middle class. They wanted to leave their mark on the urban landscape with this new and often exuberant architecture. Gradually, larger groups of the population started to also use the Art Nouveau style for very different purposes, including schools, social housing, townhouses, warehouses, a house of the people...

    This guide suggests nine walks, in various neighbourhoods around Brussels, allowing you to discover the many different facets of Art Nouveau in architecture. Learn more about the personality of several leading architects and decorative techniques, like sgraffito. The author also interviewed several owners, conservators or restorers of Art Nouveau buildings, who are helping to preserve this exceptional heritage.

  • "The world of Fashion & Beauty holds no secrets for Anne Poelmans. She was head stylist of the Belgian edition of Elle magazine for eight years, coordinated the Elle website for three years, collaborated with the Belgian edition of Vogue, and is now a freelance fashion & beauty director. She has carried over her passions into her beauty web shop

    As a child, Anne grew up in Ibiza, which explains her special connection with the island. Her love of Ibiza is so great (and sharing is caring) that she also shares some splendid hot spots through gorgeous pictures.

    Careful, though: this visually stimulating book will very likely make you want to visit the island. It radiates a summer vibe through its images of the interiors so beautiful, architectural feats so impressive, and bays so blue you will actually think you are there. Fine taste bundled into more than 200 pages of fun!"

  • For those willing to go to the edge, for those who love to run close to the sky, here are some of the world's most challenging and beautiful running trails and races. Twelve trails are covered in depth, and many more are included. From Norway to South Africa, Hong Kong to Colorado, and Switzerland to Columbia, these profiles are accompanied by travel information, as well as stories from those with experience on these trails, whether talking about the music they run to, or the good will shared among fellow runners.

    Trails are Tromso, El Cruce, Barkley, Lavaredo, Leadville, Zegama, Cappadocia, Tarawera, Hong Kong 100, UTCT, UTMB, Mustang.

  • Petits musées, ateliers d'artistes à visiter, secrets d'histoire, ruelles au calme, hôtels particuliers à admirer, ce guide illustré d'aquarelles propose de quitter les sentiers battus pour partir à la découverte d'un Paris inattendu et donne toutes les connaissances pour en apprécier la saveur.

  • Anglais Legorreta guide


    • Arquine
    • 19 Février 2019

    Icône de l'architecture mexicaine aux côtés de Luis Barragán, Ricardo Legorreta (1931-2011) a fondé Legorreta Arquitectos dans les années 1960, créant ce que Kenneth Frampton appelait un «régionalisme critique», exprimé dans la renaissance des typologies coloniales et de l'utilisation intensive de la couleur. Ce livre est un guide de ses principales réalisations.

  • Vanessa Grall est une Londonienne qui a déménagé à Paris sans jamais regarder en arrière. Passionnée par l'histoire et la culture parisienne, associée à son oeil pour le design et les tendances contemporaines, Vanessa a créé le site, détaillant ses aventures à Paris et bien plus encore. Le site connaît un succès retentissant et compte 1,5 million de visiteurs uniques par mois!

  • Une sélection sans concession de restaurants new-yorkais, où un « Must eat » est chaque fois proposé. Plus de 100 adresses recommandées par le foody Luc Hoornaert.

  • Anglais Imagine Istanbul

    Paul Mcmillen

    • Lannoo
    • 5 Janvier 2016

    Legendarisch portret van Istanbul.
    Een uniek portret van Turkijes legendarische stad, door de ogen van grote fotografen (Ara Güler, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Henri Cartier-Bresson) en hun jonge collega's (Ali Taptik, Ahmet Polat, Bieke Depoorter) en een sterke selectie beeldende kunstenaars. Imagine Istanbul toont de artistieke fascinatie voor Turkijes meest legendarische stad. Istanbuls fotografen vormen de rode draad, met als centrale figuur de grote Ara Güler, 'The Eye of Istanbul'. Rondom hem andere hedendaagse fotografen maar ook auteurs, cineasten, muzikanten en beeldende kunstenaars, met zowel bestaand als nieuw werk.

  • A perfect guide for those who want to become familiar with established values, new addresses and upcoming greatness.
    More than 100 tips from the 'restaurant whisperer' Luc Hoornaert.
    With beautiful characteristic photos by top photographer Kris Vlegels.
    New title in the very successful Must Eat series.

    As a genuine foodie, listomaniac Luc Hoornaert knows the culinary side of the City of Lights like the back of his hand. Together with photographer Kris Vlegels, he presents the greatest spots for tasting the best of the French and international kitchens that Paris has to offer. The locations continue to amaze. In spite of being multi-faceted, all the spots have several things in common: authenticity, devotion, genuine top ingredients and a no-nonsense approach.

  • Amsterdam is more than just the Jordaan, the ring of canals and the red light district. Did you know that the capital city of the Netherlands has the largest number of different nationalities in the world? This melting pot is also reflected in its culinary arena, turning Amsterdam into a number one destination for foodies. Professional foodie and listomaniac Luc Hoornaert shows you his favourite spots for tasting the world in this cosmopolitan city.
    Places that individually excel in what they offer, whether it's veal croquettes, ice cream or hot dogs. Places with a story and with people who are totally devoted to bringing out the best in their superb ingredients in order to enhance the essence of every dish. Places that even amaze culinary superstars. In short, an unconventional selection of in some cases bizarre, but always special and authentic restaurants and eateries where the focus is on the speciality of the house, the 'Must Eat'.

  • Anglais Citi x60 Paris


    Un guide branché pour découvrir les meilleures adresses sélectionnées par une soixantaine de créatifs locaux : restaurants, bars, clubs, boutiques, lieux d'expo et musées. Chaque guide est recouvert d'une jaquette-poster illustrée par un créatif de la ville.

  • "Lifestyle journalist Veerle Helsen went 'out-of-office' for six months, bought an old camper and travelled by herself along the Spanish and Portuguese coastline. Ever true to her motto ""surf, see, sleep & eat"", she combines three of her passions in this book: surfing, travelling and discovering hidden gems. How about a heavenly holiday mansion where there's a tree growing through the roof? Or an architectural public swimming pool that's hidden between rocks and the sea? She searched and found camper spots so quiet she could stay there for days without seeing another soul. Secret beaches that aren't indicated on the map where one can sit back and watch the waves.
    Veerle Helsen dismisses the classic tourist image of Spain and Portugal and writes about a completely different world: untouched, fierce and free, with little beach bars serving the very fish they caught earlier that day, and roads wrapping themselves around cliffs and dunes, sheltered by pine trees and maintaining the vi ew of sandcastles on the beach. While she drove, her drone was beside her on the passenger seat and her surf board was on the roof.
    This guide transcends the clichés and avoids the classic tourist traps. 'Sea' you soon!".