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  • The identity transmitted by the expressive power of architecture and design aims to express the philosophy of international companies. Communication strategies and the control of the internal and external image can be very public and obvious or more symbolic and subtle. With very different approaches to architecture as a brand message, the examples gathered in this book present the enormous scope of this extensive subject. The volume brings together projects by architects such as Ricardo Bofill, Cloud Architektai, 3 de Luxe, Amaa Arquitectos, Team V, Andreescu&Gaivoronschi, Cepezed, Taillandier and others.

  • Visitors and residents alike continue to be pleasantly astonished by the rich architectural heritage of the San Francisco Bay Area. This book offers a comprehensive catalog of noteworthy and representative architecture studios, which works aren located within the major San Francisco neighborhoods as well as outlying areas. Edited by SF local, Francesc Zamora, San Francisco Architects is a definitive selection of the most relevant studios of one of the most recognized and visited areas in the world.

  • HIGH ON...OFFICE DESIGN presents about thirty architects and interior designers with their newest office projects. Working and workplaces are changing in a more and more digital world. The book showcases new office concepts of large corporations as well as start-ups.

  • Modern Interiors is a lushly illustrated resource that will inform and inspire homeowners and designers. More than 600 fullcolor photographs of the world's most beautiful interiors showcase modern design at its very best.Good design integrates furnishings with architecture with function. The popular "open plan" designs that combine living room, dining room, kitchen, and home office create numerous challenges when it comes to combining practicality with decor and personal taste in harmony with architecture and the natural setting. The challenge calls for thoughtful selections of furnishings, color, materials and lighting in order to meet the homeowners' needs within space and financial limitations.
    This volume presents beautiful solutions to such design challenges. Captioned photographs point out room details and explain what influenced the design and decor decisions.
    The designs range from expansive homes to smaller homes with space limitations. Every room is covered.

  • Popular culture has disseminated tattoos, contemporary art exhibitions and visual art organizations have showcased tattoos as art and many celebrities have made tattoos fashionable, while their fans are getting inked to honor their idols. The growing popularity of tattoos has raised copyright issues in recent time based on the premise that tattoo artists -like any artist-, own the rights to the designs they create. Right or wrong, these body markings that have had an enormous impact on societies giving their bearers unique identities and captivating the entire world with their spiritual power since the dawn of humankind.

  • MOHEN DESIGN INTERNATIONAL is an award-winning company creating schemes for residential, contract, office and hospitality design in Shanghai, Chongqing, Tokyo and Taiwan. The practice was initially set up by Mr. Hank M. Chao as a platform for cross-disciplinary collaborations. Today the German, Spanish, American, Japanese, Australian, Taiwanese and Chinese press has reviewed the practice' s work.

    MOHEN DESIGN INTERNATIONAL projects range from public buildings to individual interiors for pri- vate clients. The practice has particular experience in the leisure and hospitality industry, developers, focusing on the design of contemporary bars, clubs and restaurants, hotels and private villas. Using a unique language of color, light and geometry,our interiors are sensuous and eventful. Space is care- fully choreographed into stylish environments.
    Each design is treated individually and developed with the help of specialist consultants. Traditional architectural services are complemented with concept and brand development. Established contacts to graphic designers, photographers, media consultants, individual artists offer extended interdisci- plinary support.

    We understand the making of architecture as a multi-layered and collaborative process. Close con- tact to the client is important to develop optimized design solutions. Each project regardless of its size

  • Ouvrage en anglais / espagnol, qui présente les maisons d'architectes les plus récentes, réalisées dans le monde entier, par les meilleurs cabinets. Plans de coupe, croquis et textes permettent de s'immerger dans chaque projet.

  • This book is an expansive collection of the work of 30 of the most world-renowned interior designers.
    The works are diverse but the designers are unified by a clear sense of their respective conceptual directions. They approach a room armed with expertise on various disciplines, including architecture, environmental psychology and decoration. Architecture Today. Interior Design serves not only as a guide to the best interior design projects around the world but also as an inspiring reference for unique ideas. The result is an invaluable resource for interior designers, architects and students alike.

  • The studio of Axel Nieberg has been working on various tasks in the fields of architecture, interior design, landscaping, lighting design and product design for over 15 years. Axel Nieberg is well known for the minimalistic use of forms and the extraordinary way of directing light in combination with natural materials. The expressivity of his work is a result of the haptic quality of the chosen materials. In terms of the Japanese Wabi- sabi doctrine, great value is set upon simplicity and a natural aging process of the materials, which are increased by the development of a patina. The buildings create a special impression through their unconventional presence, characterized by massiveness combined with accurately defined openings. The openings assemble a directive relation to the exterior with interesting lines of sight. The site with its qualities always serves as the idea provider for the architectural figures.
    At the studio of Axel Nieberg the attention is focussed on an accurate elaboration of joining material components. According to this „Sublime Creation« is the title of an extensive monograph that was released about Nieberg´s work. Numerous international publications and awards indicate the architectural quality originating from the studio of Axel Nieberg.

  • A compendium of fantastic projects by 26 of the most relevant professionals in this field. This new addition to the «Architecture Today» series presents exciting projects from around the world. Bars, restaurants, shops and boutiques, hotels, cafes... The role architecture plays in branding, marketing, and the ultimate success or failure of commercial ventures cannot be underestimated; indeed, the relationship between the architecture of these spaces and customer behaviour is an increasingly researched and highly specialised subject. This book illustrates the potential of such collaborations. A reference volume for retailers, shop designers, interior designers, window dressers, and architects.

  • «Sense the harmony in the proportions!» It made little difference if the task at hand was to shinny up a crumbling wall, crawl under a cactus patch clutching the end of a tape measure or stand motionless in an empty ruin straining to hear «silent music»*, half measures were not an option for my father.
    Upon his arrival on Ibiza in the autumn of 1956, he was immediately enthralled by the traditional Ibizan architecture, a form of building alien to the son of a Norwegian master builder, born and raised in Vancouver, but it would none the less become a passion that he would pursue obsessively for the rest of his life.
    He raced to study and document a millennial culture and building tradition that was rapidly being lost with each passing year, as traditional knowledge disappeared and tourism led to the redevelopment of the island.
    This book is the result of his scholarship and dedication. Today his research and historical narrative have been widely accepted. Ibizan houses fit into the complex and fascinating history of Mediterranean settlement and development.
    Not only was he passionate about discovering the origins of the architecture, he always hoped that it could be adapted and evolved for contemporary needs, stating: «It would be wonderful to have as beautiful and harmonious an architecture as was created by our poetic peasant antecedents on this island of Ibiza. This remains a challenge to us.» Rolf Blakstad.

  • Dutch architects carry out complex and multi-use planning assignments in densely populated and highly urbanized areas. Also, within the cycle of reurbanisation Dutch architects are giving new lives to buildings that have become unused. Former warehouses, power plants and infrastructural buildings are now boasting state-of-the art architecture and layers of historic identity. Dutch housing schemes are renown internationally, schemes that foster sustainability, functional and spatial cohesion. Dutch architects have been masters at managing water and land for centuries, and developed a responsive spatial and urban planning approach. This book presents a selection of Dutch architects, experts in delivering esthetic and architectural quality to houses, corporate buildings, shopping malls, bridges, highways, parking garages... architecture examples were Dutch architects have accumulated a huge expertise to take on urban challenges.

  • 30 of the best international Landscape Architects. Landscape Architecture Today is the first large-scale book of its kind to showcase a complete and diverse range of landscapes created in the past ten years. This thorough collection of in-depth case studies incorporates every type of landscape design project possible, from those at private homes and offices to large-scale government-sponsored creations.