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  • Angelology

    Danielle Trussoni

    The Nephilim were on the earth in those days Genesis 6:4 When Sister Evangeline finds mysterious correspondence between Mother Innocenta of the Saint Rose Convent and legendary philanthropist Abigail Rockefeller, it confirms Angels walked among us - and their descendants, the cruel Nephilim, still do.

    Indeed, the Nephilim are hunting for artefacts concealed by Abigail Rockefeller during the Second World War - objects that will ultimately allow them to enslave mankind - and have so far been prevented from reaching their apocalyptic goal by one, clandestine organisation: The Angelology Society.

    And if the Angelologists are to stand any chance of winning this new battle in the ages-old war, they must find the artefacts first. But their fate rests in the hands of innocent Sister Evangeline, who holds the key to unlocking Abigail Rockefeller's hiding places . and whose own destiny may yet find her prey to the terrifying Nephilim army, with horrifying consequences for humanity.

  • Jeremy Clarkson had a dream. A world where the nonsensical made sense, the idiotic was abolished and the sheer bloody brilliant was embraced . . .

    Three books later, three million copies sold, and the dream of The World According to Clarkson continues.

    In How Hard Can It Be? our hero embarks on a quest to set the world to rights. Again.

    En-route he discovers:

    - How rhubarb will become the new crack - Teaching kung fu at a flower arranging class - Speed is not a dirty word - School in its present form is almost completely useless - The one thing that is guaranteed to end anyone's quest for global domination is a comb over - and what unites a Filipino chambermaid in Abergavenny with Prince Andrew?

    For anyone who's ever woken up and thought the time has come to stop the nonsense and celebrate the sensational, read on. Because seriously, how hard can it be?

    Surprising, fearless and always laugh-out-loud funny, Clarkson is back. With dollops of humour and one heck of a vengeance.

  • While scuba diving in Tanzania, Sam and Remi Fargo come upon a relic belonging to a long-lost Confederate ship. An anomaly about the relic sets them off chasing a mystery-but unknown to them, a much more powerful force is engaged in the same chase. Mexico's ruling party, the ultranationalist Mexica Tenochca, is intent on finding that artefact as well, because it contains a secret that could destroy the party utterly.

    Through Tanzania and Zanzibar, into the rainforests of Madagascar, and across the Indian Ocean to Indonesia and the legendary site of the 1883 Krakatoa explosion, the Fargos and their ruthless opponents pursue the hunt-but only one can win.

    And the penalty for failure is death.

  • It is 1908, and international tensions are mounting as the world plunges towards war. When a brilliant American battleship gun designer dies in an apparent suicide, the man's grief-stricken daughter turns to the legendary Van Dorn Detective Agency to clear her father's name.

    Van Dorn puts his chief investigator on the case, and Isaac Bell soon realizes that the clues point not to suicide, but to murder. When more suspicious deaths follow, it becomes clear that someone-an elusive spy-is orchestrating the destruction of America's brightest technological minds . . . and the murders all connect to a top-secret project called Hull 44.

    As the intrigue deepens, Bell finds himself pitted against German, Japanese, and British spies, in a mission that encompasses dreadnaught battleships, Teddy Roosevelt's Great White Fleet, Chinatown, Hell's Kitchen, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

    Isaac Bell has certainly faced perilous situations before, but this time it is more than the future of his country that's at stake - it's the fate of the world.

  • Obsession

    Jonathan Kellerman

    With scores of millions of books in print, translation into two dozen languages, and one of the most popular heroes in contemporary fiction to his name, #1 New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman is the unequivocal yes'>#8220;master of the psychological thrilleryes'>#8221; (People). In his newest novel Kellerman delivers a tour de forceyes'>#8211;poignant, dark, and chillingyes'>#8211;that illuminates a shadowy world where impulse rules. Tanya Bigelow was a solemn little girl when Dr. Alex Delaware successfully treated her obsessivecompulsive symptoms. Now, at nineteen, she still seems older than her yearsyes'>#8211;but her problems go beyond hypermaturity. Patty Bigelow, Tanyayes'>#8217;s aunt and adoptive mother, has made a deathbed confession of murder and urged the young woman to seek Delawareyes'>#8217;s help. The doctor recalls Patty as a selfless E.R. nurse struggling to raise a child on her ownyes'>#8211;a woman seemingly incapable of the yes'>#8220;terrible thingyes'>#8221; she has admitted. But for Tanyayes'>#8217;s peace of mind, Delaware agrees to investigate, and he enlists LAPD detective Milo Sturgis in the search for the phantom victim of a crime that may never have occurred.Armed with only the vaguest details, psychologist and cop follow a trail twisting from L.A.yes'>#8217;s sleaziest lowrent districts to its overblown mansions, retracing Patty and Tanyayes'>#8217;s nomadic and increasingly puzzling life to the doorsteps of a sulen heroin addict; a randy realestate broker; and a brilliant, enigmatic physics student. Suddenly a very real murder tears open a terrifying tunnel into the past, where secretsyes'>#8211;and bodiesyes'>#8211;are buried. As the tension mounts, Delaware and Sturgis uncover a tangled history of desperation, vengeance, and deathyes'>#8211;a legacy of evil that refuses to die. Dramatic, actionpacked, and filled with the psychological detail that only Jonathan Kellerman can provide, Obsession is a whodunit, a whydunityes'>#8211;and something unique: a diditevenhappen? This is Kellerman at his heartracing best.From the Hardcover edition.

  • Zac Efron is one of the sexiest men on the planet and without a doubt Hollywood's hottest young star.

    In this exciting, fully illustrated book we get to meet the real Zac. What makes him tick? How has he dealt with superstardom around the globe? How does he manage to look so perfect?! We uncover the story of his big break in High School Musical, his relationship with co-star Vanessa Hudgens and the inside gossip on his new and upcoming films, and reveal what other co-stars and celebrities have had to say about this amazingly talented young heart-throb.

    With a free pull-out bedroom poster and loads of shots of Zac looking sexy, this is the ultimate gift for any Zac fan.