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  • The definitive companion to the biggest TV series in the world - Game of Thrones _______ Delve deeper into Westeros than ever before. Explore the captivating world of HBO's Emmy-award-winning series, Game of Thrones . This ultimate companion will guide you through the story of Ice and Fire from season one to seven, bringing together the intricate storylines, complex characters, and breath-taking geography. Ice: In the North, an army of the dead gathers Fire: In the South, kings and queens battle for the Iron Throne When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die.

  • Left hand of god, the

    Paul Hoffman

    ?Listen. The Sanctuary of the Redeemers on Shotover Scarp is named after a damned lie for there is no redemption that goes on there and less sanctuary.?

    The Sanctuary of the Redeemers is a vast and desolate place ? a place without joy or hope. Most of its occupants were taken there as boys and for years have endured the brutal regime of the Lord Redeemers whose cruelty and violence have one singular purpose ? to serve in the name of the One True Faith.

    In one of the Sanctuary?s vast and twisting maze of corridors stands a boy. He is perhaps fourteen or fifteen years old ? he is not sure and neither is anyone else. He has long-forgotten his real name, but now they call him Thomas Cale. He is strange and secretive, witty and charming, violent and profoundly bloody-minded. He is so used to the cruelty that he seems immune, but soon he will open the wrong door at the wrong time and witness an act so terrible that he will have to leave this place, or die.

    His only hope of survival is to escape across the arid Scablands to Memphis, a city the opposite of the Sanctuary in every way: breathtakingly beautiful, infinitely Godless, and deeply corrupt.

    But the Redeemers want Cale back at any price? not because of the secret he now knows but because of a much more terrifying secret he does not

  • As a child Rose Franklin discovered a huge metallic hand, buried deep in the earth. She has since focused on uncovering everything about the hand and the other gigantic body parts found scattered about the globe. But as more machines appear, earth looks set for an invasion. Mankind's only chance is for Rose and her team to uncover the mysteries of the ancient technology.

  • Conn Iggulden is back with the spellbinding second instalment in the Empire of Salt trilogy. Twelve families spoil for a throne soon to be made vacant - by murder or civil war.

  • Last four things

    Paul Hoffman

    Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell These are the Last Four Things Now there are Five Meet Thomas Cale Returning to the Sanctuary of the Redeemers, Thomas Cale is told by the Lord Militant that the destruction of mankind is necessary; the only way to undo God's greatest mistake. Cale seemingly accepts his role in the ending of the world: fate has painted him as the Left Hand of God, the Angel of Death. Absolute power is within his grasp, the terrifying zeal and military might of the Redeemers a weapon for him to handle as simply as he once used a knife. But perhaps not even the grim power that the Redeemers hold over Cale is enough - the boy who turns from love to poisonous hatred in a heartbeat, the boy who switches between kindness and sheer violence in the blink of an eye. The annihilation that the Redeemers seek may well be in Cale's hands - but his soul is far stranger than they could ever know.

  • Fishing for Stars has, at its heart, two passionate, unforgettable - but very different - women. One is exotic, damaged, and shrewd; the other beautiful, determined and zealous. Both are bitter rivals for the love of the same man.

    My story is set in Australia, the Pacific Islands, Japan and Indonesia during the latter half of the twentieth century. Nick Duncan is an ingenuous male with a great deal more female on his hands than he can possibly hope to understand.

    The contest he is called upon to referee is the clash between the two great loves of his life: the seductive Anna Til, and the older, equally fascinating Marg Hamilton. Nick struggles between their worlds: one exploiting the world's riches for profit, the other fighting to save the environment and its creatures, large and small.

    I hope you like Fishing for Stars - it is a story of ambition, destruction, love, tears and laughter, with a soupçon of hope thrown in.