Sciences & Techniques

  • A guide to staying healthy and fighting disease. It shows you how, through simple alterations in diet, lifestyle and attitude, you can tackle cancer alongside conventional treatments, or even avoid it altogether.

  • Relax and find happiness amid the swirl of the modern world with this internationally bestselling guide to simplifying your life by a Japanese monk who embodies the wisdom of Zen. Drawing on centuries of wisdom, renowned Zen Buddhist priest Shunmyo Masuno applies the essence of Zen to modern life in clear, practical, easily adopted lessons--one a day for 100 days. Discover how: * lining up your shoes after you take them off can bring order to your life * putting down your fork after every bite can help you feel more grateful for what you have * spending time barefoot can strengthen your body * planting a flower and watching it grow can teach you to embrace change * going outside to watch the sunset can make every day feel celebratory. In Zen: The Art of Simple Living, you will learn to find happiness not by seeking out extraordinary experiences but by making small changes--to what you do, how you think, how you interact with others, and how you appreciate the present moment. With each task, you will open yourself up to a renewed sense of peace and inner calm.

  • Activate your 'skinny gene' with "The Alternate-Day Diet", by James B Johnson. "The Alternate-Day Diet" is easy: eat normal portions of your favourite foods one day, and diet the next. You will never feel deprived, and you won't suffer from diet or fatigue stress, the main reasons that most diets fail. This programme is a breakthrough technique that allows you to activate your 'skinny gene' and enjoy these remarkable benefits: lose fat easily and quickly without deprivation or stress; improve fat metabolism; avoid regaining lost fat; slow the aging process; optimize nutrition; and feel energized.
    For anyone who was intrigued by the 5:2 or the DODO diet (Day On, Day Off), this is the original calorie restriction technique that will bring you results fast. Join the "Alternate-Day Diet" revolution, and allow James B. Johnson to help you change the way you think about dieting and your body forever. James B. Johnson M.B. retired as an instructor in plastic surgery after spending years witnessing his patients struggle with their weight. He turned his interest in alternate-day calorie restriction into a mission: to find a healthy way for his patients to lose weight and improve their health. He's now one of the foremost innovators in their field, and after publishing various scientific articles into how this method can help treat disease, he's written this revolutionary book "The Alternate-Day Diet".

  • Whether it's realizing that you're at that time of the month when you cry at adverts on the television or if you get a parking ticket, or the rollercoasters of puberty, pregnancy and menopause, 99.9 per cent of women have felt a slave to their hormones at some point in their lives. It is crucial to understand the important part hormones play in both our reproductive and overall health and then realize how much we can do through nutrition and lifestyle to have a positive effect on our hormones. From boosting fertility to easing symptoms of PMS and menopause, It Must Be My Hormones offers practical guidance by two highly recognized experts.