Viking Adult

  • Quest, the

    Daniel Yergin

    The Quest continues the riveting story Daniel Yergin began twenty years ago with his No.1 International Bestseller The Prize, revealing the on-going quest to meet the world's energy needs - and the power and riches that come with it. A master story teller as well as our most expert analyst, Yergin proves that energy is truly the engine of global political and economic change. From the jammed streets of Beijing, the shores of the Caspian Sea, and the conflicts in the Middle East, to Capitol Hill and Silicon Valley, Yergin tells the inside stories of the oil market, the rise of the 'petrostate', the race to control the resources of the former Soviet empire, and the massive corporate mergers that have transformed the oil landscape. He shows how the drama of oil - the struggle for access to it, the battle for control, the insecurity of supply, its impact on the global economy, and the geopolitics that dominate it - will continue to shape our world. And he takes on the toughest questions: will we run out; are China and the United States destined for conflict; what of climate change? Yergin also reveals the surprising and turbulent histories of nuclear, coal, and natural gas, and investigates the 'rebirth of renewables'- biofuels, wind, and solar energy - showing how understanding this greening landscape and its future role are crucial to the needs of a growing world economy. The Quest presents an extraordinary range of characters and dramatic stories to illustrate the principles that will shape our energy security system for the decades to come. It is essential reading.

  • Anglais Scarcity

    Sendhil Mull Shafir

    Why can we never seem to keep on top of our workload, social diary or chores? Why does poverty persist around the world? Why do successful people do things at the last minute in a sudden rush of energy? This title deals with these questions.

  • Anglais Get the job you really want

    James Caan

    'Right now the job market is balanced in favour of companies - they have the pick of the crop. More than ever you need to have that extra something to stand out from the crowd.' At times like these you need the best advice and strongest resources available to land your perfect job.

    You're going to be up against seriously stiff competition. So how would you like to have the man who revolutionised the recruitment industry in your corner?

    James Caan re-invented how to place people in the jobs they wanted and propelled himself into a new career as an entrepreneur and a stalwart of the BBC's Dragon's Den. He did it all by following his mantra: 'Observe the masses and do the opposite'.

    In Get The Job You Really Want, James Caan show you how to find the best employers, get a foot in the door, thrive in the interview, and close the deal on a job offer.

  • Explores the future of the international monetary system. This title explains why another collapse is rapidly approaching. It offers a bracing analysis of the fundamental problem: money and wealth have become ever more detached.

  • Idea man

    Paul Allen

    According to Time, Paul Allen is one of the "100 Most Influential People In The World." Idea Man is the story of the fascinating life of a man who has made an unprecedented impact in science, technology, business, sports, music, and philanthropy.

    His memoir features previously untold stories that offer insight into everything from the true origins of Microsoft to a behind-the-scenes view of the dawn of private space travel. It offers reflections from someone who has led an extraordinary life, learned a lot, and helped improve the world.

  • In Defence of Business in Developing Economies is a view from developing countries on why corporations should stop appeasing their critics and promote the benefi ts of capitalism for the Global South. Ann Bernstein's inspiration for this book came in 1997 when South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission held a week of hearings focused on business and its role during apartheid. In the same week, Nelson Mandela implicitly challenged many of the assumptions of those who attacked companies in South Africa for operating within a racially discriminatory system when he called on SA business to invest in China - the world's largest authoritarian state and human rights abuser.

    Bernstein posits that business leaders need to stop playing defence and instead stand up for markets, free trade and globalisation. It's time business had the confi dence and strategic vision to stop apologising, develop its own public agenda and start propagating the phenomenal benefi ts of competitive capitalism for the less developed countries of the world.

    In Defence of Business in Developing Economies offers a penetrating analysis of the role of business in supporting development by an authentic voice from the developing world itself.

  • One man saw it coming.

    As far back as 2005, Professor Nouriel Roubini - aka 'Dr Doom' - warned that the US housing bubble was set to crash, and what would begin as a national disease would soon spread overseas resulting in a deep recession. Free market fundamentalism would fail and we'd be faced with the worst economic crisis in history, crippling our global economy and bringing the world's financial systems to a shuddering halt. Sound familiar?

    By guiding us through a crash course in 'crisis economics' - black swans and white swans, pressure points in the global economy, crises that extend beyond national borders and bubbles in the financial sector that spill over into the real economy - Roubini shows us that boom to bust economics does not have to be destiny. Roubini offers a course for the future: radical reform of the international financial order and a clear view of regulation, supervision and greater coordination between central banks in Europe, Asia and the United States.