• Twenty quirky tales of mathematical exploration by one of the world's most popular writers on mathematics Fully illustrated with explanatory diagrams Each tale is told with engaging wit and will amuse everyone with an interest in puzzles and mathematics Will delight all who are familiar with Stewart's many other books, such as What Shape is a Snowflake? and Flatterland Stewart is a renowned expert who, as well as writing for a popular mathematics audience, has also published some 140 academic papers Welcome to Ian Stewart's strange and magical world of mathematics! In Math Hysteria, Professor Stewart presents us with a wealth of magical puzzles, each one spun around an amazing tale: Counting the Cattle of the Sun; The Great Drain Robbery; and Preposterous Piratical Predicaments; to name but a few. Along the way, we also meet many curious characters: in short, these stories are engaging, challenging, and lots of fun!

    Readership: Anyone interested in mathematical problems: students, professionals, and the general reader.

  • Mathematics Standard Level for the IB Diploma is a single volume that matches the most recent Mathematics Standard Level course of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The book has been adapted in consultation with senior examiners to ensure complete and authoritative coverage of the syllabus.

    Features Adapted by senior examiners to provide full coverage Regular revision exercises including past IB paper questions to provide essential practice at the required standard Practice exam papers written by a leading examiner so students can be prepared for the real thing Graphical calculator methods integrated throughout to fully address this important aspect of the course Glossary to ensure that students worldwide understand the key words and notation

  • A complete revision guide for the Higher tier of the new Edexcel GCSE Mathematics exam specification The Oxford GCSE Maths for Edexcel Higher Revision Guide offers all the information you will need to succeed on the Higher tier of the Edexcel GCSE exam. This Revision Guide organises information according to topic and so is easily accessible to students of both Linear and Modular Mathematics. Each topic contains clearly defined key points as well as worked examples and exercises to reinforce concepts and techniques.

    Features Brand new revision material for the two-tier GCSE, not re-hashed Fully geared towards Edexcel, with examiner's tips, exam-style worked examples and past exam questions Cross-referenced with Oxford scheme, so you can use it with or without Practice paper to improve exam technique Keywords integrated in exam question contexts Free CD-ROM with pdfs of pages, and objective checklist

  • Concise and expertly written, this guide completely covers the IB Diploma Programme in Mathematical Studies SL and will help students revise for their examination and achieve the highest grade possible.

    This study guide will help students further understand basic concepts and will reinforce concepts already learned through excellent examples. With a wealth of questions from past IB exam papers, three completely new IB-style exams, graphing calculator help and test-taking advice from teachers and students, this book will help students thoroughly prepare for the exam.

    Features Covers each part of the Diploma Programme Mathematical Studies course Provides carefully stepped examples to help students progress in a student-friendly format Numerous exam questions from past IB papers and extra questions for reinforcement of concepts learned Help with use of TI graphing calculator Three complete IB-style exams with both Paper 1 and Paper 2 in each Answers and Further examination practice paper provided on our website: