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Die Gestalten Editions

  • The biggest, the strongest, the fastest, the loudest-Recordmania sets the bar for the best atlas of the world's incredible records.
    From mind-boggling feats of human endurance to the unimaginable extremes of the natural world, these pages are filled with records that defy expectations and surprise the imagination.
    Did you know for example that the fastest recorded skydive was so speedy it broke through the sound barrier? Or that the smallest park in the world was made for a colony of leprachauns?
    Split into 6 categories and covering everything from sports, architecture, animals, humans, technology, dinosaurs, space, and nature, each category is packed with feats that will delight. Trace out locations across each atlas before delving into the detail behind each record.
    Recordmania: Atlas of the Incredible is cleverly designed and thoughtfully illustrated, the perfect gift for the curious-minded. Recordmania vereint die beeindruckendsten Superlative dieser Welt in einem aufregenden und bunten Atlas.
    Vom kleinsten Auto, das je gebaut wurde, über den heißesten Ort der Erde bis hin zum schnellsten Fallschirmspring und dem größten Menschen - Recordmania vereint die beeindruckendsten Superlative und die unglaublichsten Rekorde dieser Welt in einem aufregenden und bunten Atlas. Mit übersichtlichen und klar illustrierten Indoboxen begeistert diese wundersame Sammlung kleine und große Leser für die Extreme unserer Welt. Außergewöhnliche Informationen aus den verschiedensten Bereichen verblüffen und stellen alles auf den Kopf, was wir über unsere Welt zu wissen glaubten.

  • How amazing is the home we all share, planet Earth! It's home to millions and billions of animals and plants, but have you ever wondered how everything is connected? In Precious Planet, learn all about our home that was formed almost 4.6 billion years ago the earth's crust, the continents we live on, and the oceans in between and dive into the planet's fascinating geography.