• Cornouailles, 1968. Pencraw, un grandiose manoir en ruine dans lequel les Alton élisent domicile l'été. Le temps semble s'y être arrêté et défile sans encombre. Jusqu'au drame qui vient bouleverser leurs vies et arrêter le temps à jamais.Cinquante ans plus tard, avec son fiancé Jon, Lorna roule à la recherche du manoir des Lapins noirs, cette maison où elle a séjourné enfant. Elle rêve d'y célébrer son mariage. Tout dans cette vieille demeure l'appelle et l'attire. Mais faut-il vraiment déterrer les sombres mystères de ce manoir en Cornouailles ?

  • Les filles du manoir Foxcote

    Eve Chase

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    • 12 Mai 2021

    Gloucestershire, août 1971. Un bébé est retrouvé dans les bois du manoir de Foxcote. La famille Harrington, endeuillée par une terrible tragédie, recueille avec joie la petite fille et décide de l'élever en secret. Mais ce bonheur familial est très vite ébranlé par la découverte d'un cadavre sur la propriété.
    Des années plus tard, Sylvie, désireuse d'éclaircir des zones d'ombre de sa vie, est à son tour entraînée dans les bois majestueux et sauvages de Foxcote, là où rien n'est tout à fait ce qu'on croit. Sylvie découvrira-t-elle la vérité et osera-t-elle la révéler ?
    Onirique et mystérieux, Les Filles du manoir Foxcote nous plonge au coeur de sombres secrets de famille qui bouleverseront à jamais les vies de trois femmes.

  • Anglais Black rabbit hall

    Eve Chase

    One golden family. One fateful summer. Four lives changed for ever. Amber Alton knows that the hours pass differently at Black Rabbit Hall, her London family's country estate where no two clocks read the same. Summers there are perfect, timeless. Not much ever happens. Until, one stormy evening, it does. The idyllic world of the four Alton children is shattered. Fiercely bonded by the tragic events, they grow up fast. But when a glamorous stranger arrives, these loyalties are tested. Forbidden passions simmer. And another catastrophe looms . . . Decades later, Lorna and her fiance wind their way through the countryside searching for a wedding venue. Lorna is drawn to a beautiful crumbling old house she hazily remembers from her childhood, feels a bond she does not understand. When she finds a disturbing message carved into an old oak tree by one of the Alton children, she begins to realise that Black Rabbit Hall's secret history is as dark and tangled as its woods, and that, much like her own past, it must be brought into the light. A thrilling spiral into the hearts of two women separated by decades but inescapably linked by Black Rabbit Hall. A story of forgotten childhood and broken dreams, secrets and heartache, and the strength of a family's love. Praise for Black Rabbit Hall 'Apart from the occasional classic, I have rarely felt the urge to read a book twice . . . Black Rabbit Hall 's beautifully crafted mystery is a delight I want to experience again and again . . . make Chase's debut the one to pack in your suitcase *****' Stylist 'There's something about tales of mysterious old buildings that have the ability to set hairs on end. In this one, two intertwining stories explore the magnificence of Black Rabbit Hall and the dark secrets behind its walls. Perfect ' Red 'Atmospheric, with echoes of du Maurier , this haunting novel enchanted me' Fanny Blake, Woman & Home 'Beautifully, poetically written and reminiscent of everything from I Capture The Castle to Hansel And Gretel . Eve Chase is a name to watch ' Wendy Holden, Daily Mail

  • 'An enthralling story of secrets, sisters and an unsolved mystery' Kate Morton In the middle of a heatwave, four sisters arrive at Applecote Manor to relive their memories of hazy Cotswolds summers. They find their uncle and aunt still reeling from the disappearance of their only daughter, five years before. An undercurrent of dread runs through the house. Why did Audrey vanish? Who is keeping her fate secret? As the sisters are lured into the mystery of their missing cousin, the stifling summer takes a shocking, deadly turn. One which will leave blood on their hands, and put another girl in danger decades later . . . 'Evocative and filled with intrigue' Clare Mackintosh 'One of the most enthralling novelists of the moment' Lisa Jewell 'Exquisite and evocative - the pace and suspense are handled expertly' Sarah Vaughan