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  • The fashion illustration book you've always wanted! Check out the newest title in the hit Fashion Illustrations Series!!

    This is the second title of "Fashion Illustrations Series," which shows the latest trends in fashion illustration! Forty new artists have contributed a selection of their own special style of illustration, this time featuring twin styles. While the previous edition was all about women's fashion, this edition features a more diverse range of fashion illustrations, including men's, unisex, body-positive, and multinational styles. This title also focuses mainly on works by illustrators in their teens and twenties, guaranteeing a showcase of the very latest trends. As in the previous book, we have selected the paper quality for each page individually to maximize the appeal of the illustrations, making each turn of the page an exciting sensory and stylistic experience.

  • Ce livre offre une introduction approfondie au processus de création de Haruhiko Mikimoto dans la réalisation de divers personnages chefs-d'oeuvre de Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress, Mobile Suit GUNDAM: 0080 War in the Pocket, Gunbuster et Mobile Suit GUNDAM Hathaway. Des commentaires manuscrits de Mikimoto sont présentés à côté d'images et de croquis qui aident les lecteurs à connaître plus de détails sur leur conception. Révisé et mis à jour, cet ouvrage est finalement disponible en anglais.

  • Japonais 100 writing & crafting papers of animals


    • Pie books
    • 3 Août 2021

    A collection of 100 writing and crafting papers filled with enough cute and fun animals to fill a zoo. This new book from the 100 paper series is a cute and fun encyclopedia-like book showcasing popular animals in a very unique way. A polar bear, a penguin, an elephant, a seal, a dog and a cat appear alongside rare animals you would be surprised to see. Not only is this book enjoyable and educational just to browse through, but its 100 removable sheets can be used to write a letter, or to cut, paste, frame and decorate as you like. This book makes the perfect gift for people of all ages and is sure to stir the imagination.