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  • Anglais Flowers

    Cédric Grolet

    • Alain ducasse
    • 19 Mai 2022

    After the success of his books Fruit: The Art of Pastry and Opera Pâtisserie, French pastry sensation Cédric Grolet has brought out a new book of haute-cuisine pastry entirely devoted to flowers.

    A bouquet of flowers is traditionally presented as a gift. Through this book, the chef wanted to give an extra dimension to this gift by making it edible.

    Playing with colors, shapes, and ingredients, the chef finds flowers are an infinite source of inspiration. He combines gourmet recipes with the artistry of piping to create original cakes and tarts in the shape of flowers.

    The recipes are simple and can be made with minimal equipment-a pastry bag and tip is sufficient. All that is required is patience and skill. Guided by illustrated, step-by-step directions, you will be able to express your own creativity brought to life through the ingredients, whether a Chantilly cream or a ganache. By piping uniform curves, you will be able to shape a flower, one that is different each time.

    Discover more than 80 recipes for cakes, tarts, and entremets, presented by season, in a wide range of edible flowers.

    The rest is up to you!

  • Anglais Opera Pâtisserie

    Cédric Grolet

    • Alain ducasse
    • 6 Octobre 2020

    Opera Pâtisserie marks the entrance of the most talented pastry chef of his generation, Cédric Grolet, into the world of boulangerie-pâtisserie. This book coincides with the opening of his new shop in the Opera district in the heart of Paris.

    Far from the haute-couture pastries designed at Palace hotels, with Opera Patisserie, Grolet returns to the essentials with a collection of hearty and accessible recipes.

    Follow your senses through the pages to discover the very best French recipes for viennoiseries, breads, biscuits, pastries and frozen fruit sorbets. From croissant to mille-feuille, from tarte tatin to éclairs, the book features 100 fully illustrated desserts we all love.

    Recipes are organized in chapters that follow the rhythm of the day. At 7 a.m., it's time for viennoiseries and breads; at 11 a.m., it's pastries; at 3 p.m., desserts and frozen fruits; and at 5 p.m., it's time for the final batch of bread.

    Opera pâtisserie is the indispensable book for every pastry lover!