How to be compassionate - a handbook for creating inner peace and a happier world

How to be compassionate - a handbook for creating inner peace and a happier world

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The Dalai Lama's message in this book is as renowned as he is himself: that compassion is essential for individuals and for the world. This is very much his subject for, when we think of His Holiness, we immediately think of the compassion he embodies, and to which he has devoted his entire life.

He suggests we pay close attention to the way we respond to everyone and to everything around us, and explains how caring for others can be a profound source of happiness on an individual level, which can then be extended outward in wider and wider circles.

From here, he goes on to describe basic mistakes (such as hatred towards others) that lead us into personal turmoil and interpersonal disruption. Then he asks us to examine the nature of consciousness so we understand how the transformation of our attitude is possible. Finally, in typically practical fashion, he suggests how we can implement compassion in our daily lives, and go on to live with greater care and concern for all beings.

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Sa Sainteté Tenzyn Gyatso est le quator- zième dalaï-lama, chef spirituel et temporel du peuple tibétain. Ses efforts incessants pour la paix et les droits de l'homme lui ont valu de recevoir le prix Nobel de la paix.