chrisp's true crime miscellany

Anglais chrisp's true crime miscellany (édition en anglais)

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Stories, Facts, Tales & Trivia This arresting miscellany is jam-packed with intriguing and enlightening stories, facts and trivia about all manner of murderers, miscreants and malcontents. The book reveals incredible tales about criminal gangs around the world, such as the Japanese Yakuza, the L.A. Crips and Bloods and the Italian Camorra. Plus, there are extensive lists of criminal slang throughout the centuries, an explanation of Russian prison tattoos, a confi dence trickster's lexicon, insights into the world's most audacious crimes - like the the of the Mona Lisa - and quotes from the criminals themselves, and the cops who chased them. Inside are chilling black and white illustrations and revealing portraits of some of society's scariest killers. Chrisp's True Crime Miscellany is an indispensable gi to any fan of TV shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation , Ripper Street , The Killing , and Sherlock .

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