What on earth are you wearing ?

Anglais What on earth are you wearing ? (édition en anglais)

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If you haven't heard of Michi Girl, don't worry, she hasn't heard of you either. Part weather girl, part fashion commentator, Michi has spent the better part of a decade keeping the world up to date with what's hot and what's, well, just plain wrong. After her best-selling first book, Like I Give A Frock, Michi was asked to shed some light on the mysteries of fashion-speak. If you've ever wondered what a galloon is, or whether fatigues really are just exhausted clothes, then Michi has the answer. From A-Cups to Ze Bra, this is the cheat's definitive guide to fashion.
A companion volume to Michi's first book, the bestselling Like I Give A Frock A gorgeous and funny encyclopedia to the world of Michi Contains a glossary of the fashion world from Michi's always unique point of view Brings a sense of joy, sophistication, surprise and subversion to all things fashion The perfect gift for girls of all ages Distinctive illustrations by Kat Macleod

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