Louis c tiffany garden museum collection /anglais
Louis c tiffany garden museum collection /anglais

Anglais Louis c tiffany garden museum collection /anglais (édition en anglais)

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This book, based on the superlative Louis C. Tiffany Garden Museum Collection formed by Mr. Horiuchi, presents a unique overview of every aspect of Tiffany's talent. For the first time it is possible to see the full range of Louis C. Tiffany's creativity from his famous lamps and windows to his lesser-known paintings and furniture. Every piece in the collection is reproduced in colour, often complemented by extracts from contemporary art revues and the Tiffany firm's sales catalogues, advertisements and price lists, with photographs of their original domestic settings, in the firm's showrooms or international expositions at which they made their debuts. Tiffany's workshops are also illustrated, as well as the logbook entries of its artisans and annotated sketches of its designers.

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