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The grave's a fine and private place

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@00000327@@00000373@NEW YORK TIMES @00000155@BESTSELLER @00000041@bull; @00000041@ldquo;The world@00000065@s greatest adolescent British chemist/busybody/sleuth@00000041@rdquo; (@00000373@The Seattle Times@00000155@), Flavia de Luce, returns in a twisty mystery novel from award-winning author Alan Bradley.@00000133@@00000341@@00000341@In the wake of an unthinkable family tragedy, twelve-year-old Flavia de Luce is struggling to fill her empty days. For a needed escape, Dogger, the loyal family servant, suggests a boating trip for Flavia and her two older sisters. As their punt drifts past the church where a notorious vicar had recently dispatched three of his female parishioners by spiking their communion wine with cyanide, Flavia, an expert chemist with a passion for poisons, is ecstatic. Suddenly something grazes her fingers as she dangles them in the water. She clamps down on the object, imagining herself Ernest Hemingway battling a marlin, and pulls up what she expects will be a giant fish. But in Flavia@00000065@s grip is something far better: a human head, attached to a human body. If anything could take Flavia@00000065@s mind off sorrow, it is solving a murder--although one that may lead the young sleuth to an early grave.@00000341@@00000341@@00000327@Praise for @00000373@The Grave@00000065@s a Fine and Private Place@00000155@@00000133@@00000341@@00000341@@00000041@ldquo;Flavia [is] irrepressible, precocious and indefatigable. . . . A whole new chapter of Flavia@00000065@s life opens as she approaches adolescence. Will she become the Madame Curie of crime?@00000041@rdquo;@00000327@--@00000373@Bookreporter@00000155@@00000133@@00000341@@00000341@@00000041@ldquo;Outstanding . . . As usual, Bradley makes his improbable series conceit work and relieves the plot@00000065@s inherent darkness with clever humor.@00000041@rdquo;@00000327@--@00000373@Publishers Weekly@00000155@ (starred review)@00000133@@00000341@ @00000341@ @00000041@ldquo;There@00000065@s only one Flavia. . . . Series fans will anticipate the details of this investigation, along with one last taste of Flavia@00000065@s unorthodox family life.@00000041@rdquo;@00000327@--@00000373@Library Journal@00000155@ (starred review)@00000133@@00000341@ @00000341@ @00000041@ldquo;Bradley@00000065@s unquenchable heroine brings @00000050@the most complicated case I had ever come across@00000065@ to a highly satisfying conclusion, with the promise of still brighter days ahead.@00000041@rdquo;@00000327@--@00000373@Kirkus Reviews@00000155@@00000133@

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Alan Bradley

 Alan Bradley a reçu le Prix de la Crime Writers Association Dagger Debut pour son premier roman, Les étranges talents de Flavia de Luce, ainsi que le prix Agatha, le prix Barry, le Prix Dilys, le prix Arthur Ellis, et le prix Macavity. Il est l'auteur de nombreuses nouvelles, contes pour enfants et articles dans les journaux, ainsi que d'un livre de mémoires intitulé The Shoebox Bible. Il a également co-écrit Mme Holmes de Baker Street avec William AS Sarjeant. Bradley vit à Malte, avec sa femme et ses deux chats savants.