Anglais Salvador Dalí : the making of an artist (édition en anglais)

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Catherine Grenier examines the factors that made Salvador Dalí one of the most significant contributors to twentieth century art. She offers astute analysis of Dalí's work and explains how his desire to become a legend fused with the events of a century to facilitate his rise to the top.
Although recognized first and foremost as a painter, Dalí experimented with a range of media. This volume draws on the literature, photography, film, and sculpture that Dalí produced throughout his career. From instantly recognizable paintings such as The Persistence of Memory, to surrealist icons such as the Lobster Telephone, to short films made with Luis Buñuel, this is a comprehensive analysis of Dalí's creative output.
The volume charts Dalí's progression as an artist and as controversial public figure.
His vast artistic and technical talent was evident from a young age and is documented in a chapter illustrated with early self-portraits and depictions of his family and surroundings in north-eastern Spain. Another, devoted to Dalí's influence on contemporary artists from Andy Warhol to Jeff Koons, is testament to the enduring longevity and relevance of his work. Grenier's attention to detail and refined analysis uncover a plethora of details on Dalí's professional and private life, offering fresh insight into the master artist, his inspirations, and motivations.

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Catherine Grenier

Catherine Grenier, historienne d'art et conservatrice, dirige l'Institut Giacometti à Paris.