Poilane's rye and raisin bread

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If Mata Hari were a loaf of bread, it would be our rye-and-raisin loaf: a combination of sweet and sour flavors. A rye flour based bread, speckled with currents from Corinth, to be precise. We have nicknamed the loaves "pavés" - or bricks, because of their compact texture.
My father used to butter two slices he would join together in a sandwich as a snack in my schoolbag. I definitely had an edge during recess. One common use for our rye and raisin bread is for the cheese platter. And the bread is especially good with blue cheeses. It is also a good base for a British bread and butter pudding since it has both the bread and the raisins. But that's not all... the richness of the flavors of the bread calls for versatile uses whether is it for seafood, poultry, or vegetables...

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