Recipes from perigord / les recettes de ma grand-mère (édition bilingue français/anglais)

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marielle is descended from a very long line of perigordian people.
she, therefore, has cooking in her blood. or rather, she has watched her grand-mother, mother and aunts cook in their kitchen. she has learnt their secrets and their tour-de-main directly from them. as she is married to an englishman, she thought that his countrymen and women who like our wonderful dordogne so much, might be interested in knowing and practicing our gastronomy in their own language. so, in this cook book, you will find moste of her family recipes, translated and adapted a little to be feasible outside their country of origin.

Rayons : Sciences & Techniques > Médecine > Santé > Diététique / Régimes alimentaires

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