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Going from continent to continent, this book looks at the colossal, monochrome animal murals that have earned ROA worldwide fame. Like a contemporary animalier, ROA depicts his characteristic animals sometimes using dynamic compositions, sometimes still lifes of several motionless animals stacked on top of each other, with humans seemingly looking on alienated.
ROA paints a haunting picture of the fate befalling many animals, but his 'pieces' are also an ode to the animal kingdom. His many travels gave him the opportunity to study the local animal species, and the expertise he thus gained shines through his work.
With its more than 300 images and text contributions by, among others, American art critic Lucy Lippard and artist Robert Williams, ROA - CODEX offers a unique reflection on the last ten years of this nomad artist's work.

Rayons : Arts et spectacles > Arts de l'image > Photographie > Biographies / Monographies

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